Volunteers Help City Dry Out Baseball Fields

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Baseball players are switching up the game plan after the latest downpour. 

The rain has caused delays for both baseball and softball teams competing in tournaments in Sioux Falls. 

Fortunately, some have volunteered to help dry out the baseball fields at Harmodon Park. 

Typically when Garret Hoffman and his fellow teammates are on the field they’re focused on the game. 

On Friday, they were trying to even the score with Mother Nature by soaking up the water from soggy fields. 

“We’ve been scooping up water in the dirt and vacuuming water from the infield,” Sioux Falls Post 15 East 14U Baseball Player Garret Hoffman said. 

Of course, it’s a team effort. 

“Everybody’s out here putting in work,” Hoffman said. 

Both city workers and volunteers, including players and their families, are using vacuums, sponges, and buckets to get the job done. 

“We’re out here trying to work with the city and get things playable so we can play as many games as possible,” Sioux Empire Baseball Association Executive Director Chad Barman said. 

The baseball teams are competing in the Mid-Summer Classic, which includes 36 teams. 

More than 2 dozen are from outside of Sioux Falls. 

“Teams from Minnesota, Nebraska, The furthest for this tournament is actually Billings, Montana,” Barman said. 

This latest rainfall is just one more curve ball in what’s been a challenging time for the outdoor sport. 

“It’s been a tough weather season between our high school baseball season and our summer baseball season. Luckily we’re able to give our best effort and see what happens,” Barman said. 

Volk: It’s worth it to play baseball though, right?
Hoffman: It is. 

That’s why these helping hands aren’t going to let the rain water win. 

Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation says volunteers offered to help dry out the fields and they gladly accepted. 

According to the Sioux Empire Baseball Association’s website, six of the seven baseball fields can be played on Friday night. 

This isn’t the only tournament that was affected by the weather. 

The rain also caused delays for the Youth State Fast Pitch Tournament, which is being held at both Harmodon and Sherman Parks. 

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