SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you’ve ever been to an NFL football game, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never forget the game and who you were with. But what a Sioux Falls man did this past weekend, takes that experience to a whole new level.

One look inside his basement and it’s easy to see that Jeff Kayl is a huge Minnesota Vikings fan.

“Tommy Kramer one of my favorite players ever,” Jeff said.

……and he loves former Viking quarterback Tommy Kramer.

“I’ve met him before a couple of times, great guy, super friendly, I can’t wait to see him up in Minneapolis, it’s going to be fun,” Jeff said.

Jeff got to meet Tommy again because Saturday night he rented Tommy’s limo that came to Sioux Falls and picked up him and several others.

“When he pulled up it was like wow,” Jeff said. “We got 16 people ready to go.”

His wife was one of them. She said she wasn’t surprised.

“Yeah, he said he had followed Tommy Kramer on Twitter or something like that and they talked about it, I kind of thought it was a little far-fetched,” Kathy said.

The limo driver says he does this a lot for Tommy, who does this sort of thing as kind of a side business.

“Picking people up and taking them to the city, it’s lively, it’s a lot of fun, they’re all having a good time, but on the way back they’re kind of spent, worn out, real quiet; they’re all crashed in the back,” limbo driver John Connelly said.

As part of the package, they got to tailgate with Tommy and his friends on Sunday and then got to go to the game and watch the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints.

“Yeah, the Vikings, you got to love them,” Kathy said.

Especially when you get to go to the game like this.