SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The newest exhibition at the Visual Arts Center inside the Washington Pavilion pays tribute to SculptureWalk.

The display is celebrating two decades of sculptures in downtown Sioux Falls.

If you’re a regular on Phillips Avenue, you’ve no doubt stopped to admire one of the 67 sculptures that make up SculptureWalk.

“SculptureWalk really draws the community together and it’s just a way to showcase various artists through the region,” Sioux Falls resident Kelly Tollefson said.

Sioux Falls resident Kelly Tollefson says it provides a little culture in the community.

“What catches my eye is just the creative use of shapes and unexpected pieces,” Tollefson said. “They have a lot of different animals that are depicted in various ways, that’s always good for the grandkids and interesting to me,” Tollefson added.

“It is one beautiful way to bring art to the people where they are,” Visual Arts Center Assistant Curator Erin Castle said.

That’s not always outdoors. A sampling of SculptureWalk is now on display inside the Washington Pavilion.

“20 pieces in-house that are either representative of work that has been on Phillips Avenue or within the SculptureWalk or created by artists that have in the past been on the SculptureWalk,” Visual Arts Center Assistant Curator Erin Castle said.

Assistant Curator Erin Castle says the collection includes a variety of styles and mediums.

“Some are more abstract, they might be bronze, they might be soldered steel, some are wooden, lit from the inside, there are so many different creative avenues,” Castle said.

There’s even a small-scale Arc of Dreams.

“It’s really cool to see where it came from, where it started and where it grew and how it changed while implementing it into a larger piece,” Castle said.

“The indoor SculptureWalk also features more than a thousand images of every sculpture through the years, with one artist featured more than most,” KELOLAND’s Travis Fossing said.

“Jeff Satter has been a featured artist and a wonderful asset to the SculptureWalk for the last 20 years. 22 pieces of his, sculptures, have been featured and today we have three sculptures here in-house for this exhibition,” Castle said.

An exhibition that ends with September, then it’s time to head back outdoors.

20 Sculptures Celebrating 20 Years of SculptureWalk runs through September 30th at the Washington Pavilion.