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LUVERNE, M.N. (KELO)– A viral video of a girl being charged by a bison at Yellowstone National Park has other state parks urging visitors to be cautious around the animals.

The video posted on Twitter Monday shows a group of people surrounding a bison moments before it tosses a 9-year old girl in the air.

Park officials at Blue Mounds State Park say the group was way too close to the animal.

“A lot of times people think bison look docile or very domesticated, and they are very great animals to go and to watch, but an animal like a bison is a very large and dangerous animal, and they can get agitated very quickly. You can tell the families in that were a little too close to that animal,” interpretive naturalist with Blue Mounds State Park Amber Brooks said.

For your safety, park officials say you should stay about 100 yards away from a bison while viewing it.

“If you don’t know what 100 yards means, often times I describe it like going like this with your hands, walk away until the bison is this big in your field of vision,” Brooks said

While Brooks says bison can be dangerous, she still encourages people to come see the herd here at Blue Mounds State Park.

“Wildlife viewing is actually one of the most rewarding hobbies, we just ask that you do it safely,” Brooks said

The National Park Service has additional safety tips for viewing bison.

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