SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A village is rising in central Sioux Falls for veterans at risk of or who have previously experienced homelessness.

Five tiny houses are in progress at this Veterans Community Project village in central Sioux Falls. Eventually, there will be 25 homes here; 10 of them will be for families.

“Right now we need operational, undesignated funding. So we’re really focusing on individuals out in the community who want to give. It could be time, talent or treasure, right? They might just want to volunteer, and that’s perfect also,” said Alisha Grove, director of development for the Veterans Community Project in Sioux Falls.

Grove says she has been emotionally impacted by what’s happening.

“I have been moved every single day since I started in late October, I’ve been brought to tears by community members, by the stories that I’ve heard,” Grove said.

These homes will be transitional housing.

“About a week and a half to two weeks before we open, our staff will start to work out in the community and find individuals, and as we find them and screen them, they move in in real time,” said Eric Gage, executive director of the Veterans Community Project of Sioux Falls.

Gage says the people who will call these houses home have to be ready to take that step.

“Are you ready to own what got you there and take ownership of your own journey to overcome these things,” Gage said.

He’s hopeful it won’t be long before the first veteran can move in.

“We’re optimistic we can get it done by spring,” Gage said.