VERMILLION, S.D. (KELO) — One Vermillion artist is finding a way to celebrate her birthday while sharing art with the community.

Miss Art World South Dakota Klaire Lockheart decided she wanted to host a party where people could come and enjoy her artwork, as well as the work of others in the gallery.

Lockheart is excited to share her passion for art with those in Vermillion, while celebrating her birthday, by inviting people to come see the “Femininity in the Post-Apocalypse” gallery.

“Femininity in the post-apocalypse exhibition is a lighthearted way at addressing a lot of the challenges that women have to face,” said Lockheart.

The event features over 30 pieces of art, all created by local artists.

“We have so many creative, wonderful people in town and I’m excited to have an event that brings us together, showcases the artwork we’ve made, and just to be able to celebrate the creativity and our surviving through these difficult times,” said Lockheart.

Instead of asking for birthday gifts, Lockheart is encouraging attendees to support local artists instead.

“I don’t want people to buy me gifts, all our work is on sale and so I would like people to purchase a present for themselves,” said Lockheart.

“It’s unique because it features young, female artists, and it’s also unique because there’s a focus on purchasing art. We really want to introduce the community and the regional arts community to the idea that purchasing art is a good thing,” said Ally King, Administrative Media Manager at the Vermillion Area Arts Council.

The art party is Saturday, March 19 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Washington Street Arts Center.

Masks are required and anyone over the age of 5 will need to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccine or a negative COVID test.

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