SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It was win or go home, that’s what the United States men’s soccer team was facing this afternoon in the World Cup as they took on Iran.

KELOLAND News stopped by the Gateway Lounge Tuesday afternoon, the official headquarters for American Outlaws, a non-profit organization that supports soccer all over the country.

Make no mistake about it, the fans knew it was do or die.

“It’s intense, it’s very intense, yeah it’s exciting,” soccer fan Kasey Hoff said.

When we got to the Gateway, there was standing room only.

The U.S. already had a 1-0 lead.

Then just before the end of the first half….this happened.

The U.S. scored its second goal, or at least they thought.

The goal was taken away due to a U.S. player being offside.

“Means everything, it’s the biggest game, I’ve been watching since 2016, I’m a huge fan, watched every game,” Kasey Hoff said.

Hoff came decked out for the game where the Gateway has 46 TVs and every one of them was on soccer.

“The business owner part of it, it’s amazing, it’s Tuesday and it’s busy,” owner Jackson Rentschler said.

The owner says you won’t find an atmosphere like this in any other sport.

“Correct, you have 100%, in a single bar, cheering for the same team,” Rentschler said.

If the U.S. doesn’t win, it’s done.

The president of American Outlaw Sioux Falls says the U.S. has already had a good showing.

“It’s not as massive of a setback as 2018, not qualifying at all that one was brutal, it killed the chapter it killed fans, it killed the watch parties,” Krahn said.

Watch parties like this, where the fans hang on every kick.

“You’re on pins and needles every time somebody touches the ball,” Rentschler said.

“Can’t lose or tie, we have to come away with a win so it’s a big game for the U.S.,” Hoff said.

“We’re going to make some noise, we got this,” Krahn said.

The U.S. went on to defeat Iran by a score of 1-0 advancing to the round of 16.