SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –I90 from Chamberlain to Sioux Falls, and I29 from Sioux Falls to the North Dakota border have reopened to traffic Saturday morning. The SDDOT reported that stretches of roads remain ice covered.

No Travel Advisories continue on some highways in northeast South Dakota. For road conditions:

Friday evening, the northbound and southbound lanes of I29 were closed from Sioux Falls (Exit 84) to the North Dakota border. The eastbound and westbound lanes were also closed on I90 from Sioux Falls to Chamberlain (Exit 395), according to the SDDOT.

Two separate crashes involving 12 vehicles and 12 semi trucks were involved. Only minor injuries were reported. Approximately 40 other vehicles and 30 semi trucks were stopped in the pile up but did not receive damages. Some drivers entered their vehicles into the median to avoid collisions.

I90 tonight just east of White Lake. Photo courtesy of Bev German, of White Lake.