SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Significant moisture is heading for KELOLAND is the coming days. We’ll take a closer look at how this latest storm will be impacting ground conditions in KELOLAND.

Parts of eastern KELOLAND still have a long way to go toward correcting the summer drought pattern. But a storm like this one in the forecast is going to have an impact.

October is not usually known a wet weather month, although there are exceptions. There’s little doubt widespread rain will return to the forecast, but what are the chances of getting heavy rain.

Well, the European model has shown a consistently shown a high probability of over 1 inch of rain in the area shaded in red, a zone that runs right through Sioux Falls. The odds are lower in northern KELOLAND.

If you raise the bar to 2 inches of rain, the numbers are still quite high, at least 50% or greater in the areas shaded in orange. That qualifies as a soaking rain.

The American and Canadian models paint a slightly different, but similar picture across the plains.
The ground can still soak up plenty of water in the driest areas of southeast KELOLAND and this storm will likely give the soil profile a boost before winter weather arrives.