YANKTON (SD) KELO- As schools and districts welcome more students, a natural question that arises is how to accommodate these kids.

The student population at Webster Grade School in Yankton has been growing steadily for the last 15 years.

“Mid march of last year we realized that we had 15 extra students in what we call our junior kindergarten program, knew we needed to add an extra section,” Melanie Ryken, Principle of Webster Grade School, said.

Students at the school have had to use the gym as a space for music class. Of course, gyms aren’t the best for acoustics, so a new music room was needed. The question then became, how to make this happen?

“We tried to think of everything to get an outbuilding built by fall,” Ryken said.

“How can we fix it, how can we do it in house, how can we do it at little expense?,” Jay Gravholt, Director of Tourism at Yankton Thrive, said.

A new approach was needed.

“We were hitting a dead end and that’s when our Superintendent Wayne Kendall came up with the brain child that ‘why don’t we use our own resources?'” Ryken said.

The answer was right there; the building trade classes build a house every year as their main project at Yankton High School.

“They typically build a home the entire year and they decided why not have our own kids build our little bucks and gazelles a building?,” Ryken said.

And build they did.

Parents and members of the Yankton School District are excited to see the new building.

“They do everything, from the framing of the building, dry walling, tape texture, roofing, siding, trim, wiring,” Ryken said.

The building for music class is expected to be open in the next few weeks.