SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — At the Keloland Living Arts and Crafts show, there are vendors that you would expect to be there. There are also some that are a little out of the ordinary.

Les Howard, with Rustic Reclaim, started his business ten years ago by re-purposing barn wood.

“All over eastern South Dakota, if somebody had a barn to tear down, they’d let us tear it down usually just to give them some of the wood or make something, and then we just started making these items out of it,” says Rustic Reclaim owner Les Howard.

His Christmas trees started catching people’s attention.

“We ran across a large number of those doors from an old farmer up in North Dakota. We just really couldn’t figure out the best project to use them for and we actually saw these in a little little store up in Webster. And so they were a big hit,” says Howard.

Over at Papa’s Seasonings booth, they have made a craft out of seasoning meat… and more.

“I have samples of barbecue sauce. I have samples of my steak seasoning. I have a Bloody Mary mix, which you just have to add to different juices, it can also be used for cooking, putting in chili and stuff like that,” says Papa’s Seasonings owner Rick Scholten.

He also sells his friend’s meat and cheese, but only because he believes in the product.

“Anytime I get the wow factor I’m gonna try to put it on my table, because if it’s not good it’s not going to be on my table,” says Scholten.

One thing you definitely wouldn’t expect to find at the craft show is this trailer that R and R Quilting and Embroidery brought into the building.

“My husband designed the trailer. He found somebody to build it, because it is a cargo trailer with four slideouts, and he’s built all our display equipment. And so we’ve really enjoyed it because it went from a five to eight hours setup, down to about an hour and a half,” says R and R Quilting and Embroidery owner Ruth Ruba.