WASHINGTON, D.C. (KELO) — Of the 81 veterans who traveled on the latest Midwest Honor Flight, two served during World War II.

102-year-old John Solheim from Redfield joined fellow veterans from South Dakota, southwest Minnesota, and northwest Iowa in the nation’s capital.

Volk: How does it feel to be on Honor Flight?
Veteran Solheim: Quite nice. I met a lot of interesting people.

Solheim’s guardian and longtime friend Dave Willis says it took a little convincing to get the World War II vet to go on the trip.

Willis’ father was one of Merrill’s Marauders, a WWII unit that would be compatible to today’s special forces.

“John and those guys, they just don’t like to talk about their service days. They want to bury it, and I finally kind of convinced him it would be a great thing and it’s a great honor for me, myself, to be able to take him,” Guardian Dave Willis said.

94-year-old Edward Harp of Sioux Falls was also on the Midwest Honor Flight.

He served at the end of the war and says it was great to be surrounded by other veterans.

“Because we’re all one,” Veteran Edward Harp said.

“You see we’re all here. We ain’t got the same paddle, but close enough,” Solheim said.

Veterans have to apply to go on Midwest Honor Flight.

According to its website, World War II veterans are given top priority.

This week we’ll also talk with veterans of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.