SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Tuthill House at Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls was at risk of being demolished last year because of some exterior damage that would have been costly to fix. A group of residents helped save the house and now have plans to restore it.

The Tuthill Park House Restoration Project recently received $50,000 from the Dorothy Day Davenport grant. The restoration group is continuing to raise money for the entire house.

“Initially, we were going to do outside repairs. We were going to replace the siding, the roof and the windows. And then as we got into it, people had great ideas about restoring a lot of of historical aspects,” said Kathy English, vice president of the Tuthill Park Neighborhood Association.

The 143-year-old house is used for small events like birthday and graduation parties, family reunions and small weddings.

“We’re putting in a wall of windows to look out on the garden, so the windows will come within three feet of the corner here and they’ll be bigger,” English said.

While the original plan included to renovate the exterior of the house, they later decided to restore the interior, including the upstairs, which hasn’t been used for nearly 30 years.

“There was enough interest and thought that that should be done because it’s like a time capsule up there. In ’93 it was sealed and nobody’s gone up there since. The original light fixtures, the paneling, everything, the plaster on the walls,” English said.

They will also redo the electrical wiring, HVAC and replace the back deck with a patio.

The historic house is an important part of the Tuthill neighborhood.

“It’s one of the only farm houses of this style in the complete area, and it’s so important to preserve our history as well as expand its use here so that we can continue to safely use this house,” resident Sandy Henry said.

To complete their goal, the group is still looking to raise another $50,000 by September 1.

“We’re still working everyday, but I think we’ll get there. This is a very generous community and a lot of people are supportive of this,” English said.

They are still waiting on a final bid for the project, but plan to start the restoration in October with an opening date of June 2022.