PARKER, S.D. (KELO) – The Four Best Days of Summer are underway this week as the Turner County Fair kicked off on Monday. From food, entertainment, and 4-H exhibits, there’s a little something for everyone.
Four days are packed full of fun in Parker.

That includes a new Rivers Edge Bank Ag Education Center.

That’s where you will find nine-year-old Erica Ellenz and her cousins.

“In there I saw some baby chicks and some goats,” nine years old, Erica Ellenz said.

The facility was previously Old McDonald’s Farm, which was a petting zoo. This new exhibit allows kids to interact with more hands-on activities.

“When the kids come into the building, they see the animals, they can put together what the animals do, so when you go to market or store you know where your milk is coming from, it comes from that cow first and then goes through the process to get to the store,” fair board member, Dana Matthies said.

You’ll find animals like cows, goats, and chickens, plus fun facts and games.

“They can look at those fun facts and then we have a game they can play, ‘are you smarter than an FFA-er, and we have a lot of those facts in those questions,” Matthies said.

Each day is sponsored by a different ag-related company. Tuesday it’s Midwest Dairy.

“We are set up today to talk about the dairy industry,” South Dakota Dairy ambassador, Makenna Skiff said. “One of the things we like to talk about is how fast it takes the milk to get to the grocery store, a lot of people think it takes a couple weeks, when in reality it’s two days.”

An educational experience for kids like Ellenz.

“I kind of like learning about animals, it’s fun, and they’re sometimes silly, a cow back there moo’d at me,” Ellenz said.

The last day of the Turner County Fair is Thursday. For more information on events and activities at the fair, click here.