SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –The multi-million dollar mansion that’s scheduled to be demolished next week may not be torn down after all.

The owners have filed a lawsuit to stop it from happening.

KELOLAND News talked with them and their attorney and they say their mansion that’s been under construction for years is nearing completion.

The construction of this mansion started nearly 10 years ago.

It sat unfinished and vacant for years, which led to neighborhood complaints and fines.

The city found it to be unsafe and issued a notice for demolition.

“This is our dream house, we started building this for our family we put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this, every single penny I had I put into this house,” Vitalily Strizheus said.

KELOLAND News sat down with the owner, Vitaliy Striheus, and his attorney this afternoon. They say Striheus has sunk more than four million dollars into his dream home. Construction stalled in 2015 due to personal and financial reasons.

But now they say the dream home is back on track.

“It’s almost 90% complete they plan to move in this year and the city plans to demolish it next week tear down this gorgeous home that is a violation of the constitution, it’s unconstitutional taking of their property,” Striheus’ attorney Jeana Goosmann said.

Striheus says the mansion’s finally close to being done and that’s why he has filed a lawsuit to stop the demolition.

He says they exterior is completely done and the interior is ready for paint.

“We are so close to moving into this house and we feel like its being taken away from us it would be devastating to our family,” Strizheus said.

KELOLAND News also reached out to the city attorney, Stacy Kooistra who is also named in the lawsuit for his reaction, but he declined to comment.

There will be a federal hearing this Friday, where they’ll ask a federal judge to step in and stop the demolition.