HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) — A student at West Central High School is bringing the community together while also raising money and awareness for childhood cancer.

Cambell Fischer is a senior at West Central. For National Honor Society, she organized “Trojans Go Gold,” which started last week and wrapped up at Tuesday night’s basketball double header. There was even a visit from Miss South Dakota.

It was a night for rival basketball in Hartford as the Trojans welcomed Tri-Valley to town, but a special cause was one of the big highlights.

Fischer proposed the idea last year when applying for the National Honor Society.

“Cambell proposed this ‘Trojans Go Gold’ project modeled after a similar one that her sister started at South Dakota State University. Cambell has done a great job organizing it,” NHS advisor Joanne Bohl said.

Fischer says there is a special reason she decided to start this project.

“When I was 13, I actually lost my 13-year-old cousin to cancer, and so I definitely want to raise awareness for childhood cancer and raise funds for resources and research and everything,” she said.

Her project includes raising money through donations and a 50/50 raffle, selling gold t-shirts and a visit from Miss South Dakota, Hunter Widvey, who performed the national anthem before the game.

“Being able to promote causes like childhood cancer awareness is something that’s really important for me. Being able to use this title for good, not just for myself, but being able to help those kids that are going through this terrible disease in our state. Making life better for them has just really been such a privilege,” Widvey said.

Widvey enjoys traveling the state and being part of events like this, but it’s not the only way she is raising awareness.

“I’m currently working on some legislation in Pierre so that we can create more resources and funding for pediatric cancer in our state,” Widvey said.

In the West Central community, Fischer is leading that charge.

“She certainly is an amazing young lady. I mean, she is the personification of what National Honor Society is all about. Not only does she excel, obviously, academically, but her leadership is amazing,” Bohl said.

“It means a lot, right. That we’re able to take an idea, an essay that I wrote last spring even, and we brought it to this big event, and we’re raising money and bring awareness for this cause. It’s pretty awesome,” Fischer said.

Fischer says they want to keep the donation drive open for another week. You can donate here.