SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Yankton Sioux Law Enforcement and South Dakota Game Fish and Parks are seeking any information about the shooting of a bald eagle in the river bottom south of Wagner.

Tribal Police posted on Jan. 4 on Facebook that Yankton Sioux Tribal Game Warden Preston Neal on Dec. 17 rescued an eagle who had been shot twice with a small caliber rifle. Shot fragments were found during an X-ray.

The eagle fell to the ground after being shot and broke its wing.

Yankton Sioux Law Enforcement, the tribal game warden and S.D. GFP cooperated to save the eagle. The female eagle was sent to a rehabilitation center in Minnesota to recover.

She is expected to be released to her natural habitat in two months.

The bald eagle after it had been rescued by tribal authorities near Wagner. The eagle had been shot twice. It is at a rehabilitation center in Minnesota. Photo from the Yankton Sioux Tribal Police Facebook page.

Killing or injuring a bald eagle is a federal offense.