SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls company has decided to temporarily close three of its businesses as employees deal with a surge in COVID-19 infections. The Carpenter bar is dark, and the sign on the front door says closed temporarily.

Brian White, the managing partner for the group that owns the Carpenter Bar on Phillips Avenue, The Treasury located inside Hotel on Phillips and the Highball on East 8th Street says they felt it was the best move for their employees to shut down all three.

A post to Facebook on December 31st says:

“Many of our bartenders are at home sick. We were caught in the wake of the super-catchy, albeit mild, virus.” ⁠

White told us they are not only looking out for their employees. The temporary closure will also keep their customers safe.

Customers on Facebook reacted to the news.

One said, “Thank you for always doing the right thing and closing when some of your staff gets infected with COVID.”

Another responded, “Hope everyone has a rapid and complete recovery!!”

White told us they could stay open with limited staff, but then the quality of service suffers. The decision to close is not an easy one, especially for a business.

White hopes to re-open the bars as soon as enough staff members are healthy. He says the new shortened CDC guidelines for isolation after infection will help.

All three bars have signs on the front door explaining why they are closed.

The sign on The Treasury says it is closed until Wednesday, January 5th.