Tips to make sure your vehicle can handle a drop in temperature

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Whether you’re going to work or running a few errands, when cold weather strikes you want to make sure your vehicle can handle the drop in temperature.

It’s busy at Airway Auto Service. The decrease in temperatures means an increase in people coming in to get their cars checked out.

“Seen a few tire issues, we have problems with the tires leaking where the rim meets the tire and the corrosion on them and the cold weather, they will leak, so we see a lot of low tires, seen a few batteries, trying to stay up on testing batteries,” Airway Auto Service, Tom Broadbent said.

People are in getting their vehicles ready for cold weather in the forecast. Tim Jones is getting new tires.

“I got ahead of the game to make sure they would have me a spot to get in because they are going to be very busy and that’s why he emphasized looking at the battery too, to make sure everything looks good,” getting car serviced, Tim Jones said.

Broadbent has a few tips for people to keep in mind when the weather gets cold.

“I recommend to everybody to get in the car, turn the key to on, don’t try to crank it right away, give it just a few seconds, let everything get turned on, acclimated, everything is cold and works slow,” Broadbent said.

But that’s not all.

“Oil changes, watch your coolant life, transmission fluid age, all that stuff makes a difference when it gets cold, but if the maintenance is all done then the car should work properly,” Broadbent said.

Leaving people like Jones prepared for whatever weather mother nature has in store.

“I try to get it in here and have Tom and the guys look at it as frequently as I can this time of year,” Jones said.

Broadbent says it’s better to get your car in sooner rather than later for maintenance work so you are prepared for weather conditions.

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