SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A place for homeless Veterans to get back on their feet is becoming a reality in northwest Sioux Falls. The first five of the more than two dozen tiny homes are complete. The idea is to get homeless Veterans off the streets and on a path to a stable life.

And with applause and a ribbon cutting, the Veterans Community Project known as the VCP Village has reached a milestone. When complete it will feature 25 mini houses and a village center. A longtime dream for organizers like Eric Gage the Executive Director.

“I’m really proud to be part of this and really excited to see where this goes,” said Gage.

Gage knows they will soon be saving lives.

“What this means to me as a Veteran is really special. I dealt with my own things between deployments, finding my own way. if things had gone just slightly different I could have ended up being one of the folks that need our services,” said Gage.

The houses were considered officially open once the American flags were placed outside the doors. Today people got their first look inside. They are cozy comfortable. The original village was built in Kansas City. The Co-founder and CEO came to Sioux Falls and told the crowd he is impressed with everyone from the city workers to the volunteers who made it happen,

“This is a first, this is the first ribbon cutting of a sight outside of Kansas City. Yes, please. It wasn’t the first one we broke ground on it wasn’t even the second, but the way the community came together, wrapped their arms around it and put it on a trajectory that I don’t think we were even prepared for sometimes,” said Bryan Meyer, CEO of VCP.

This is not just a place for Veterans to live, it is a place for them to heal.

So our model isn’t just about housing the true magic that makes V-C-P work is our wrap around services,” said Gage. “So there will be on sight case management that work with our residents to help overcome their specific needs and help them reach their goals.”

The five houses built so far will soon be occupied by Veterans ready to change their lives and get off the streets.

“I am impressed every single day by what happens in this city so as a Veteran thank you,” said Meyer.

The goal is to give the Veterans the support and tools they need to find permanent housing and transition to a new life and to say thank you for serving our country.

To volunteer or make a donations you can follow the link below.