SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Thomas Cox and his dad, Jake, created one-of-kind t-shirts on Thursday.

Volk: What is it like to tie-dye a shirt?
Thomas Cox: Really fun.

The father and son made the shirts at Color Splash Studio, a new tie-dye business at Lake Lorraine in Sioux Falls.

The studio opened last week.

“The people that have come in were just surprised that this is actually a thing,” co-owner Molly Quarve said.

Owners Melanie Hite and Molly Quarve aren’t just business partners, but also sisters.

“It’s interesting to say the least. If you would’ve asked me three years ago, five years ago if this would ever be a thing, I’d probably say no, just because the thought of owning a business is scary, then with your sister, is this possible?” Quarve said.

“One of us runs the finances and the books and the logic and the other is the creative, ‘Let’s do this. What about this? Pink is a good color,'” Co-owner Melanie Hite said.

When you come to the studio, all you have to do is pick out your shirt size and the colors you want to use.

Staff will help you with the rest.

Customers can also bring their own items to tie-dye.

“You almost can’t screw it up, so everything is always so cool. Everybody’s different dye colors, twisting, designs,” Hite said.

Now, Thomas and his dad have something unique to add to their wardrobes.

“I’m going to start wearing it at home and show it to mom and mom’s going to be so impressed. I’m going to tell her I made my own tie-dye shirt with a little help from dad,” Thomas Cox said.

The business welcomes walk-in customers, but if you have a group you’ll want to call ahead.