SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) —  Sioux Falls Police Chief Jon Thum has addressed both Monday’s shooting involving an officer in his department as well as a larger trend he’s observed.

“This started as just a very basic traffic stop,” Thum said.

The stop at East Sixth Street and North Cleveland Avenue became a shooting at around 2:00 Monday afternoon on the east side of Sioux Falls.

“There was a backseat passenger who was already in the car who presented a shotgun towards officers,” Thum said. “Officers engaged that threat with their firearms.”

Thum says this suspect got out of the car, was tased and taken into custody.

“There was no serious injuries,” Thum said. “There was some scratches, no one was hit by the gunfire. The vehicle absorbed many of the rounds, and no officers were injured in that as well.”

Thum used the word “multiple” to describe the number of shots fired. He said he wasn’t able to comment on whether or not the suspect fired at officers. KELOLAND News spoke to someone at the scene on Monday who said she heard around “eight to 10” shots. Police spokesperson Sam Clemens says the suspect Mario Reyes Rodriguez “pointed the shotgun at the officers.”

“He’s 26 from Sioux Falls,” Clemens said. “The two initial charges were a parole violation, and then he also had a warrant for possession of controlled substances. There’s likely going to be other charges that will come.”

Thum described officer-involved shootings as on a “recent uptick” and also said officers are finding themselves in danger more often.

“There’s more guns out there, there’s more people willing to use them, and that’s a societal issue that we kind of need to talk about and really talk to especially young people and people within our community about the guns, and it’s a serious issue,” Thum said.

This is the city’s third officer-involved shooting in less than a month. On July 3, a sniper shot and killed 57-year-old Glenn Nisich at his home on East 29th Street. Nisich was wanted for shooting two men in Hartford just hours earlier. One of the victims died.

Police say he admitted to being involved in the Hartford shootings before firing his gun at officers. A sniper returned fire.

On June 22, police spotted a stolen car on 41st Street near Interstate 29.

Two people were inside. Authorities say one of them ran away, first pulling out a knife, then a gun; that’s when an officer fired a gun. No one was hurt, but police did make two arrests. The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation is looking into all three officer-involved shootings.