SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – One Sioux Falls family is working through the pain of losing a loved one by now helping other people in the community.

In March, authorities found the body of 20-year-old Randi Gerlach in a southern Sioux Falls home. They then arrested 22-year-old Jackson Phillips on charges of domestic assault. After Gerlach’s autopsy results came back, prosecutors re-charged him with murder. Since then, Gerlach’s family has been raising awareness about domestic violence.

Purple t-shirts and bracelets with sayings like ‘stop violence, end the silence’ and ‘in loving memory’ are part of everyday life now for Randi Gerlach’s family.

They are selling these items for two purposes. The first is to provide a future for Randi’s three-year-old son.

“My nephew lost his mom and we want to make sure that he’s prepared for his future and stuff,” Kiley Riedel, Gerlach’s sister, said. “That he doesn’t struggle or fall into anything that could, you know, bring out anger or any of that stuff. We want to try to help avoid that because of what he’s experienced.”

The second purpose is to help victims of domestic violence in the community.

“She’s no longer with us and raising awareness for the Compass Center, for the domestic violence, for women, for children and stuff is a really big thing for my family,” Riedel said.

Michelle Trent, executive director of the Compass Center, says these types of partnerships are important for the organization as well.

“Stories like Randi’s are unfortunately tragic and they are the realities of domestic violence. And so if we really want to end this, we need partnerships with community members that can tell the story because this is the real story of what domestic violence looks like,” Trent said.

Tragedy struck Randi Gerlach’s family on March 1st — tragedy they hope no one else has to feel.

“It’s been a struggle. I feel lost a lot of days in just trying to move forward and this right here gives me hope. I’m trying to help people. Like, I couldn’t help my sister but I want to help so many more,” Riedel said.

Gerlach’s family is selling t-shirts and bracelets through their Facebook page called ‘Randi’s Awareness Against Domestic Violence.’