Three Arrests Lead to Marijuana, Stolen Handgun

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It started with a man vomiting out of a car, but led to police finding marijuana and a stolen gun. Three suspects face multiple drug charges, two of them face theft charges, and one faces prison time for threatening to kill a man. On Sunday, Sioux Falls police arrested 20-year-old Kohr Abdulkadir, 24-year-old Mohamed Sheikh and 19-year-old Faisal Sheikh. 

It all started when Abdulkadir was vomiting in a parking lot at an apartment on the 700 block of West Rice Street. Someone walked up to him to make sure he was ok. Police say Abdulkadir pulled a loaded handgun on the man, pushed him to the ground and threatened to kill him. Eventually the victim called police. 

When officers got there, they searched and found 35 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia. Police say these arrests show the danger of a common crime in the city. In court, a prosecutor said Faisal told police he had bought the gun, but officers eventually found out the gun was stolen. Police say someone took it from an unlocked car in the city back in early June. 

“We had the suspect threaten another person with it. Thankfully, nobody was harmed with the gun but we’ve seen them used in robberies.  We’ve seen them used in aggravated assaults; all kinds of different crimes they’ve been used in. We’ve even seen guns that are recovered halfway across the country,” Sam Clemens, public information officer for the Sioux Falls Police Department, said. 

Despite repeated warnings, police say people continue to leave guns in unlocked cars. Clemens says thieves got away with two handguns over the weekend.  They were both parked outside homes on the west side of town.   

In addition to marijuana charges, Abdulkadir faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Faisal Sheikh and Mohammed Sheikh face charges for theft of a firearm. 

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