BISMARCK, N.D. (KX News) — Thousands of toys — enough to fill two semi-trucks — are headed to four North Dakota tribes for Christmas.

“MHA Nation, Standing Rock, Turtle Mountain, Spirit Lake and different ministries in town,” Cara Currie Hall said.

Hall and her husband, Ken run Kingdom Business Fellowship, a nonprofit that works with ministries throughout the country and the state.

Just two days ago, they got a call from a ministry in Kentucky with an abundance of toys.

“He’s got a warehouse the size of a football field that’s receiving all of the products for disaster relief, but they had a superabundance of toys and so they offered if we would take some, so we helped deliver them to tribes throughout the state,” Hall said.

Ken says within days, they connected with tribal leaders and got volunteers to send the toys to tribes.

“It’s an amazing story, the timing couldn’t be any perfect when people come together for a good cause these kinds of things happen,” Ken said.

Keith GoodIron is a bus driver for the Standing Rock Head Start Program. He drove the bus the Bismarck to be filled with gifts.

“It means a lot to our community in general. Because of the COVID issues nationwide, you know. The hard times that our families are having on the reservation. It’s a really big thanks to everybody that participated, that did give and caring for the people,” GoodIron said.

Cara says the toys are a blessing, even if they are a little last minute.

“God is in the business of miracles and these are the miracles we hear about at Christmas. We didn’t know this was going to happen. Dec. 21 my husband got a text message. It’s Dec. 23 and now thousands and thousands of toys are being delivered at no cost to us, just a little bit of time,” Cara said.

This was the first year Kingdom Business Fellowship helped coordinate a toy drive, but in the past, they’ve organized several clothing drives for the area.

In addition to the tribes, toys will also go to Blessed Builders, New Life Church, Healing Rooms and the Welcome House.