SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — You’re not going to find Sioux Falls musician Jeff Thomson’s new album “Sugarland Avenue” on Spotify or any other streaming service; furthermore, only 300 vinyl copies of the album are available.

“I just wanted to, number one, limit it and make it a special event and that people that have them have something special and unique,” he said. “Number two, I really wanted to have something that is a physical product.”

Jeff’s son Dylan plays bass on the album.

“He had a little scratch bass part on there, but he said, and I had practiced well before, he said, ‘I want you to do whatever you want to do on it,'” Dylan said.

Jeff wrote all the songs on the album which was mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Yes, that Abbey Road, the same one associated with music icons like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Ella Fitzgerald.

Dan Santella: What kind of music is on Sugarland Avenue?

“That’s always the hardest question … because I can make easy comparisons,” Jeff said. “But I would say it’s a mixture of acoustic music. That’s how I’d describe it, with the added cello, added keyboards, things like that. But it’s acoustic music.”

“He encourages all of the musicians that he works with to really bring their own personality and their own style to his song,” Dylan said. “He doesn’t just want it to be about him. He wants it to be about the music, and the best thing for the music is usually a collaboration of people with very different minds and different ideas.”

This album occupies a unique place in his dad’s world.

“It really has been the longest period of sustained focus that I’ve ever had in my life,” Jeff said. “This has been a work of love, and it’s been, taken a lot of patience that I never knew I had.”

The album is now available for purchase at Crosstown Vinyl, Total Drag and Last Stop CD Shop in Sioux Falls. It’ll be available at Ernie November in Sioux Falls on Thursday. Jeff and Dylan have a release show coming up Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. at East Bank Gallery in downtown Sioux Falls.