SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Buying a home is a struggle for many families but there are organizations willing to help ease the process.

As Owrshalim Gundi accepted the keys to her very own home. She and her children couldn’t help celebrating.

“The feeling is over the roof happiness over the roof. Like I’m really happy,” Gundi said.

“This is my house!!!” said Benjamin and Reem.

Gundi was a refugee from Sudan. She says it has always been her dream to own a home.

“It was just a dream to at least be only me and my family, living in, in one house at least. So coming to the US made a huge difference,” Gundi said.

She has been working with Habitat for Humanity for 14 months…

“The families aren’t just purchasing a home with Habitat, they put in more than 300 hours of sweat equity, that’s building the home alongside volunteers,” said Rocky Welker, Executive Director.

Working alongside 100 volunteers to build her home from the ground up.

“People giving, and just out of love, just coming to work to- just to put a smile on other people’s family. It’s a pure gut love,” Gundi said.

“Owrshalim has been working with us for the last year. So we got to know her pretty well. To see her so happy and joyful. It’s really a good feeling,” said Mark Grebner, volunteer.

Now that her home is built, she plans to continue volunteering…

“Hopefully, I will be part of the team and be one of those who put other families smile in their faces too,” Gundi said.

Helping others have the same opportunity as her family.

Over the years, Habitat for Humanity has built or rehabilitated 179 homes helping 280 adults and 696 children in Minnehaha, Lincoln, and Turner Counties.