HARTFORD, S.D. (KELO) — Intense weather might last just a few minutes but its impacts persist much longer. The damage can be incredible, but so can the recovery and regeneration. Hartford Building Center’s warehouse lost sides to its building in Thursday’s storm. Its greenhouse was destroyed, too.

“We had people that just showed up that night, helped clean up debris, contractors that showed up both Thursday night and Friday morning, they went to work, and by probably 7:00 Friday night we had walls back up on the warehouse, and it was just amazing,” owner Lisa Hellvig said. “So we continued working while other people showed up and were helping fix our building.”

“Thursday when this all happened, besides the fact that we had people calling for plywood and people needed shingles, two of our, three of our contractors said, hey you know what, do you need help, we’re going to come up and help you,” employee Lynn Person said. “Friday when I arrived to work at 8, 7:50, they were here already working.”

“Thursday night, we still didn’t have power, but we just put out there that if you need emergency supplies come around back and we’ll get you hooked up and get them loaded for you, and while other people were helping pick up our things, we were trying to get what the customers needed to make their homes and other businesses secure and safe,” Hellvig said.

The greenhouse looked like it had been crushed like a can of pop. Now, it looks as you might expect.

“Our greenhouse supplier showed up on Saturday, got it rebuilt for us, and by Saturday afternoon we had people that showed up again to help get the plants back in the greenhouse, get everything reorganized,” Hellvig said.

In a matter of days, this hardware and lumber business doesn’t just look healed; it looks like last week just had a regular Thursday.

“It’s amazing, it’s just, it really is humbling,” Hellvig said. “I mean, we’re tired, we’re exhausted, but it is such a good feeling, and we just realize that we’re in this community for a reason.”