SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As people head outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures, doctors want to remind parents to make sure their little ones are protected from the sun.

The shining sun means it’s time for warmer weather, outside activities and of course, time to get sunscreen.

Rachel Hakl and her daughter Jaelynn pulled out their bottles from last year, only to find out they were expired.

“This nice weather kind of snuck up on me and went to grab it out and couldn’t use any of it really,” Hakl said.

“Once it gets expired. It just isn’t guaranteed to have that same SPF protection that’s written on the bottle,” said Jennifer Haggar, pediatrician with Sanford Health.

Pediatrician Jennifer Haggar recommends a 50 S-P-F mineral based sunscreen for children 6 months and older.

“When children get too much sun exposure or sun damage or sun burns, it really increases their adult risk of skin cancer,” Haggar said.

If your child is under 6 months, there are other ways to keep them safe from the sun.

“We typically recommend using physical barriers to protect them from the sun. So that’s some protective clothing that’s keeping them in the shade that’s using umbrellas or their other devices like their stroller or their car seat to just keep them out of the direct sunlight,” Haggar said.

Sienna Whitmore and her one year old son Thorin are out enjoying the weather.

“This is our first summer really being able to like, do parks and everything and really enjoy them and explore,” Whitmore said.

She says it’s important to be prepared when heading outside.

“A good mineral based sunscreen, cute little hats, limiting the amount of exposure, kind of easing our way into things,’ Whitmore said.

Important advice for protecting your skin while enjoying the outdoors.

Haggar says a good choice for sunscreen will have active ingredients of zinc or titanium.

You can find labels for ingredients and expiration dates on the bottles of sunscreen.