SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We all know road construction season can be a pain, but we are entering another season that can be just as painful, if not more.

You may not see them now…

“I don’t think it’s been too bad,” Kaylee Mediger.

…but Kaylee Mediger knows they are out there.

“I’m guessing so with all the rain we’ve been getting,” Mediger said.

We’re talking about mosquitoes and those pesky biting gnats.

“Obviously we’ve had the rain and a little bit of heat and the more heat we have the more we are going to start seeing them pop,” Sioux Falls Health Program Coordinator Denise Patton said.

Sioux Falls Health Program Coordinator Denise Patton says for a number of reasons, South Dakota is a hot spot for mosquitoes, especially those that carry the West Nile virus.

“West Nile is always going to be a threat in South Dakota, we are the highest per capita with West Nile in the nation every year,” Patton said.

That’s why the city is already attacking the bugs using a larvacide in standing bodies of water.

“In fact, that’s actually the biggest part of our program, the spray trucks is what everybody notices so a lot of people think that’s all we do, but we spend a majority of our day Monday through Friday finding the water that they are breeding in,” Patton said.

The city will soon start spraying for mosquitoes too.

There’s no set schedule. It’s all based on the number of mosquitoes they find in traps they’ve set up all across the city and Patton says those numbers are climbing.

“Historically we start spraying the first or second week of June, so I would guess that we will be looking at doing that pretty soon,” Patton said.

Not everyone hates mosquitoes, though. Eight-year-old Dakota Ries actually likes them.

“Because they’re very intelligent about getting away from humans and they’re sneaky; they can easily get what they need from the humans, which is blood, to lay their eggs,” Ries said.

Eggs that are already hatching; meaning the summer sting is on.

“Can’t get rid of them all, I wish we could,” Patton said.

To learn more about the city’s mosquito programs and when and where crews will be spraying, click here.