SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Lawmakers tried to establish an industrial hemp program in this year’s legislative session in South Dakota. It did pass; however, Gov. Kristi Noem vetoed it. In commentary published in the Wall Street Journal in September, Noem said if it returns she will veto industrial hemp again.

The South Dakota Farm Bureau’s annual convention is happening in Sioux Falls this weekend.

Scott VanderWal, president of the South Dakota Farm Bureau, explains that delegates voted on an industrial hemp resolution and what that vote means.

“Obviously, industrial hemp is a big issue in South Dakota right now, and our delegates had a resolution sent in by a county to support and promote the production of industrial hemp, and our delegates voted that down,” VanderWal said. “So we’re not going to be supporting it, but we also at this time won’t oppose it outright.”

Coming up later tonight on KELOLAND Weekend News at 10 p.m., you’ll hear from the vice president of the South Dakota Farm Bureau and two delegates: one who voted for that industrial hemp resolution and one who did not.