RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — The Rapid City Fire Department’s Station 1 building has some big changes in its future.

After almost 50 years, the Station 1 building is getting its first major facelift.

“Our operations have grown, our administrative staff has grown and we’ve just outgrown this building,” Fire Chief Jason Culberson, Rapid City Fire Dept., said.

The Rapid City Fire Department Station 1 is currently around 19,000 square feet. After the expansion, the building will be about 41,000 square feet.

The project should take about two years to complete. It includes: new office space, new dorm rooms, a new workout area and clean areas free of carcinogens.

“Our firefighters are exposed to many different carcinogens that cause health problems as they age and this will allow us to bring that up into modern times. So we are able to make some work flow and work paths better to keep our folks healthier,” Chief Culberson said.

Battalion Chief Keith Trojanowski says he is looking forward to all the changes coming with the remodel.

“It’s been needed for quite a while now and we see this opportunity as a time of growth in Rapid City and the Fire Department,” Battalion Chief Keith Trojanowski, Rapid City Fire Dept., said.

Fire Station 1 isn’t just a workplace but also a home. Trojanowski says there are things he will miss about the old facility.

“I know areas that I have helped paint and fix sheet rock from a floor buffer so all those little scars and memories on the floor will go away but with that being said, it is time to have this updated and have this remodel start taking place,” Trojanowski said.

The Department will continue working out of Fire Station 1 while it is under construction. There will be a groundbreaking ceremony this Friday, February 24th at 2 PM.