SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the City of Sioux Falls continues to clear the streets of snow, a new problem has emerged.

The melting snow has exposed a sea of potholes in Sioux Falls streets.

“They’re starting to pop up, just like they typically would every year, but obviously with this amount of moisture, the freeze-thaw cycles, they continue to pop up and they’re getting pretty bad out there,” Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen said.

Street Operations Manager Dustin Hansen says the number of potholes in Sioux Falls has declined in recent years. The department received about 3,500 repair requests last year, but ultimately fixed more than 10,000.

“For every one request, we probably have three or four out there,” Hansen said.

Potholes are currently taking a backseat to snow removal, which remains a 24/7 operation, but patching holes will soon be a priority.

“We’ll get crews out there this afternoon to start managing those and they’ll be on those for the next few weeks as well,” Hansen said.

Potholes are also keeping repair shops busy.

“Problem with days like today, the tires are a little bit low because it’s colder out just naturally and then you catch that pothole and it compression fractures the tire. It’ll squeeze it and pinch it or you can just damage your tire skating down the edge of a pothole,” Airway Auto Service owner Tom Broadbent said.

Airway Auto Service sees about a dozen cars with damage each winter and it often extends beyond a mangled tire.

“About everyone we’ve done in the past couple of weeks needs a new sensor. We’ve done a couple of wheels, wheels do get bent,” Broadbent said.

You might be able to avoid a costly repair by reporting the potholes you encounter on the roadways.

“Just make sure that you give the right address and if you can attach a picture that’s even better,” Hansen said.

Click HERE to report a pothole in Sioux Falls.