SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Premiere Playhouse in Sioux Falls is continuing its 20th season with a special production.

The Premiere Premieres is a double feature from The Premiere Playhouse in Sioux Falls.

“Really exciting, original, locally written works,” The Premiere Playhouse Managing Artistic Director Oliver Mayes said.

The key word is local. The twin bill is a year in the making and includes The Theater at Night and Broadly Speaking… And Other B.S.

“These are two half-length original plays by local playwrights curated into one evening of performance and so what Sioux Falls audiences will be seeing is a completely local production,” Mayes said.

Oliver Mayes is the managing artistic director and says the actors are all in on the production.

“There’s actually a huge appetite for working on not just plays in Sioux Falls but working on new plays with the playwrights in the space and being involved,” Mayes said.

“It’s been really cool that we’ve been conceptualizing the shows alongside the writers,” Production Specialist Alex Newcomb Weiland said.

Alex Newcomb Weiland is the play’s production specialist.

“So our directors and writers work pretty hand in hand to create the vision of the show that has never happened before. This is the world premiere of these shows,” Newcomb Weiland said.

A number of the playwrights will also be performing as part of Broadly Speaking… And other B.S.

“It’s a brand new experience for them as well in staging it and being a part of it and reading each other’s monologues this time versus maybe the ones that they have written so it’s kind of cool to see how they’ve shuffled it around to make it work,” Newcomb Weiland said.

And Mayes hopes it debuts to rave reviews.

“With an endeavor like this, we’re hoping people will enjoy it but there’s a lot of mystery to it because it’s unknown to our audiences,” Mayes said.

The Premiere Premieres opens Thursday night, and runs through Sunday at the Washington Pavilion.