Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) –October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

In Rapid City today several city departments came together for the Power of Purple.

During domestic violence awareness month the community is coming together to spread awareness in hopes of helping more people.

“People feel it can only happen to one segment of society and we see it across the board. The economic spectrum that can happen in anybodies family and in anybodies neighborhood, and so again to bring awareness,” Victims Specialist Scott Hultgren said.

Kristina Simmons is a domestic violence survivor and now helps others on their path to recovery.

“And us as a society, we need to be supporting that survivor, because they came forward and they felt comfortable and they found the strength to come forward and tell their story, which is very deep and on a personal level,” Survivor and Wavy Development Director Kristina Simmons said.

Here in Rapid City, they’ve recently seen an increase in domestic violence victims stepping up and giving the call to start the recovery process. And statistics say it takes about seven to nine times for those that are suffering through this to actually get away form their abuser and make the call.

“We can’t push people to come forward, we can give them the resources and the encouragement and support that they need. But they have to come when they’re ready and I think that’s extremely important as a community and as a society that we don’t put judgment on that survivor,” Simmons said.

Today’s gathering saw representatives from the Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, States Attorney’s Office and the Wavy Shelter.

“So if we can address those things earlier and make a report and help that family, that victim to be a survivor. And work with them, maybe we can help keep something more serious from happening,” Hultgren said.

All departments want to remind the community that if you see something, to say something.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help in Rapid City, you can click here.