SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Back in the day, it was one of the most popular bars in the Midwest with live music almost every night.

The Pomp Room is legendary for those who remember it.

The Ertz family bought it in 1971 and kept it running for 27 years hosting some of the biggest names in Rock N Roll.

Now there’s a new movie coming out about it, titled ‘The Pomp Room: A Rock N Roll Bar Story.’

“The Pomp Room was the absolute best Rock N Roll club that Sioux Falls has ever seen,” filmmaker Jesse Yost said.

The hour and half long documentary depicts an era when the music was live, the bands were fun and the atmosphere was edgy.

“We have a lot of stories; most we can tell, some we can’t…we just won’t, we have great legal counsel and have been advised there are some things we should not address directly,” Yost said.

“If you like a good rock n roll story, if you like a good bar story and who knows if the details are true or not, we think they are pretty true,” filmmaker Austin Kaus said.

For nearly 30 years this is where the Pomp Room once stood at 8th and Dakota obviously it no longer exists — but the memories do.

The Pomp Room, which was owned by the Ertz family, slowly evolved over time; at one point many considered it a biker bar.

“You could, in the mid-80s, come around the corner down on Dakota and there would be 30 or 40 Harley Davidsons parked out front,” Yost said.

The Pomp Room hosted bands like Cheap Trick and Aerosmith, which was a testament to how popular it became.

“Whether you were at the superstar status like Aerosmith or a touring band doing all-ages shows, people grew to know the name Pomp Room pretty fast,” Kaus said.

Jon Ertz says having a movie about his family-owned bar is an honor.

“Kind of chokes me up a little bit,” Ertz said.

Ertz jokes that he was only at the bar one time in his life…that was from 1971 to 1999 when it closed. In other words, he was always there.

He hasn’t seen the movie yet, but he’s looking forward to it.

“There are going to be certain discrepancies as to exactly what happened when it happened, and how it happened, that’s just to be understood,” Ertz said.

“It really is a story about the Ertz family who ran it, it’s about the staff, it’s about the patrons and it’s about the musicians and the absolutely perfect combination of what happens when you put those people together,” Yost said.

The Pomp Room: A Rock N Roll Story debuts Saturday, July 30th at the Orpheum Theater.

For advanced tickets and details on the “After Pomp Party” click here.