SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As temperatures hover near zero, many people are dreaming of warmer destinations.

Tuesday is National Plan For Vacation Day.

“It’s the day that the National Travel Association has designated as hey everybody, plan your vacation for this spring, summer, whenever, do it today,” Experience Sioux Falls Executive Director Teri Schmidt said.

Experience Sioux Falls Executive Director Teri Schmidt says people are eager to travel, though the pandemic is still influencing parts of the industry.

“Conventions and meetings are still lagging behind a little bit because it’s more of an organized group, so do we or don’t we bring that group together, so there’s more influence in that market share than there is in the leisure travel,” Schmidt said.

“We love tropical vacations, like to take trips out of the country, like to go to Mexico, Jamaica, those kind of things,” Harrisburg resident Kathie Puthoff said.

Kathie Puthoff and her husband are planning a week-long vacation, but they’re not heading to one of their usual international destinations.

“Don’t feel comfortable doing that right now, tried to find the next best thing, a warm place that we could go this time of year and we found St. Petersburg, Florida,” Puthoff said.

Sioux Falls was a popular destination in 2021, with 1.2-million visitors creating $437 million in estimated economic impact.

“We have experiences here, everything from downtown sculpture walk to water parks to the zoo, and on and on where people can come together, be family-friendly, friend friendly, so you put all that in the basket and we’ve kind of got everything that they’re looking for,” Schmidt said.

Experience Sioux Falls has created a quiz where you can test your knowledge about tourism and Sioux Falls landmarks.