SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — One the biggest stories of 2020 has been re-evaluating how we think and talk about race in the United States. The conversation continued on Friday at Augustana University with a Black Lives Matter event where different speakers came forward with different views on race and life today.

“What you’re seeing is the fruition of a slow process of the students of color start to demand ownership of this university, too,” Augustana student Luca Amayo said.

“We had to have this conversation, we have to have this event, so that we can educate students here at Augustana, the whole community on what we’re feeling, what we’re facing, what we’re fighting for,” Augustana student Gedion Alemayehu said.

The crowd Friday night makes Augustana student Makayla Mallet feel like progress is happening.

“It makes me know that okay, people are coming, they’re putting an effort, it means they want to learn, they want to understand,” Mallet said.

“As the nation begins to have conversations about race that are overdue, it only makes sense for us to begin to do that, too, here in our school,” Amayo said.

“I just want to thank everyone for coming, honestly,” Mallet said. “It was a good turnout.”

There is a page on Augustana University’s website titled “Black at Augustana”: you can check it out here.