SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — KELOLAND News has been following the health journey of Olivia Anderson since her Christmas event in 2021. Now Anderson is facing an impossible decision.

Olivia Anderson has spent the last four years battling her cancers with multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. Last month, she went for another round of chemo for the inoperable tumor in her brain. The treatment took a severe toll on her health.

“I decided that like, if the treatment is making me this sick, it’s taking me away from my children,” Anderson said.

Anderson decided it was time to stop her cancer treatments. She says she wants to spend time with her three children, Miracle, Jeremiah and Vangeline,

“I have lost so much. I have lost friends. I have lost relationships, and the most important thing, I have lost time with my children. So it’s like, my body is tired. I’m just tired. The important thing is my children, I want to be with them,” Anderson said.

Her doctors say there’s only two options going forward: continue treatment or enter into hospice care. But what does hospice care entail?

“It is a big difference, because it’s stepping away from pursuing curative treatment. And really just focusing- on caring for- focusing in on managing the symptoms of that individual’s ailments or their disease,” said Dillion Hinker, Senior Director of Sanford Hospice.

Senior Director of Sanford Hospice, Dillion Hinker says the decision is never an easy one to make.

“It really is about the quality of life for those patients and being able to continue to spend their maybe their last days with dignity and quality,” Hinker said.

Anderson says she has not made a decision yet. Right now, she just wants to be with her kids.

“No one wants to leave their children. You know, I don’t want to leave my children, because… they are everything to me,” Anderson said.

Anderson says she wants to take her children to Disneyworld, a dream vacation for her family.

She set up a GoFundMe to raise money for that and for her kids’ future.