SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — National Foster Care Month came to a close at the end of May, but an organization dedicated to helping kids in foster care is preparing for a new beginning.

The Closet recently found a new home along south Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls.

“Our last space was about 2,000-square feet and here we are almost at 8,000-square feet, so almost four-times as much space,” The Closet Executive Director Holly Christensen said.

The organization served a record number of children last year, providing parents with the essentials, while clothing kids from head to toe.

“Our last setup was more like a warehouse storage space, and here they get the opportunity to look through the clothes that are hung up and have that shopping experience,” Christensen said.

The Closet also features a play area, and now accepts donations of sporting goods and toys.

“Last night, I actually had a mom come in and shop and the girls had no desire to shop with her so they were able to just play and chill out a little bit while mom picked out all their summer clothes,” The Foster Network vice president Kristen Rhoades said.

Kristen Rhoades is vice president of The Foster Network, and says the toys can be taken home.

“If you’ve got a kiddo that’s maybe 18 months and your kids at home are six, seven, and eight, you don’t have those toys you need, and it’s a lot to store these, so now we can be a toy lending library for as you need things,” Rhoades said.

It’s not all fun and games, as the new Closet features multiple educational areas.

“That is something we are super excited about being able to host training and education and support groups for our local foster families,” Christensen said.

“Everything from cultural experiences to behaviors to maybe even things like how to treat head lice,” Rhoades said.

Helping The Closet create a family of its own.

“Being a foster parent is really challenging and there’s not a lot of people who can relate to it, so a nice opportunity to connect with other families,” Rhoades said.

After hosting a soft opening this week, serving 41 kids on Thursday, The Closet will be fully open for donations and foster families beginning the week of June 12. The organization plans to host an official grand opening in July.