LARCHWOOD, Iowa (KELO) — One Iowa community is celebrating a major milestone.

Larchwood is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a city. There will be several activities throughout the next three days aimed at bringing community members and visitors together.

Larchwood, Iowa is known for its rich baseball history, and is marking 150 years as a community with four days worth of festivities.

“A lot of these things are every year, but this year we are doing this because it’s our 150 birthday, so we want to have a little bigger celebration,” said Dean Snyders, mayor.

“It’s just a nice four day event to celebrate 150 years in Larchwood. I’ve been here since 99 moved from Lester over to here. It’s a great town, great community, good leaders I believe and great people in town,” said Mike Metzger, city council member.

This celebration will include a variety of activities, including a car show, where antique cars will fill this street.

“There’s a lot of excitement over classic cars and antique cars, people will be roaming around in and out of the cars and really looking at them close. Its a fun day,” said Alan Snyders, community member.

“There is a lot of people involved with this. I think there’s a real, you know, spirit of community and I think it’s going to be very important and hopefully very good,” said Dean.

They’re hoping their family-friendly activities not only attract visitors to Larchwood, but also bring residents of the small town together.

“Seeing people that I haven’t seen for a long time. There’s a lot of people coming that you don’t see often. Especially in the parade, I love the parade. I help set it up and it just gets people here,” said Metzger.

“It’s all about family and I think coming together is a big part of family. We want to try to forget about all the things that are going on and maybe just sit down and have some fun for a while,” said Dean.

The Larchwood Family Days celebration is happening all weekend and goes through Sunday. You can find the schedule here.