SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — Downtown Sioux Falls has a new option for getting some food, and possibly a new feline friend. The Catitude Cafe has been open for a little under a month and already the cats there are finding their forever homes.

Since opening on the 15th last month, The Cattitude Café has had many customers and many cats walk through the doors.

“I’m content with seeing the babies come and get adopted and they go to good homes,” said Desirae Mcmahon, General Manager.

So far the Café has had 33 adoptions through the Humane Society.

“It’s really sad hearing the stories that you hear about the cats coming in and what they’ve gone through before they get here and it’s just really nice seeing them relaxed and happy,” Mcmahon said.

Amy Weber and her group came to the Café for her bachelorette party. She says it was great to spend an afternoon with the cats.

“It makes me feel really good. I feel like they actually have somewhere where it’s just not like kenneled up, they’re able to acclimate, they have more space to run around in and overall, they’re probably just more happy and healthy,” Weber said.

This was Mary Boen’s first visit. She says the Café offers a unique experience when adopting a cat.

“It’s a great opportunity if you are looking for a cat to come and play with one and interact with it and make sure that your personalities mesh. And I just think that it’s fantastic that cats are finding homes this way,” Boen said.

The adoption process also makes more space for rescues at the Humane Society.

“I’ve seen all the time, like the Humane Society is needing cat food, kitten food, especially like the spring seasons when we have a lot of kids that are just that happen. And so to be able to free up more space for them is just a beautiful thing,” Boen said.

Keloland Media Group will be hosting our annual pet food drive September 1st. The money and food raised from the event will go back to help organizations like the Humane Society feed the animals.