RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — One way you can help that organization while doing a little spring cleaning is by donating items you no longer need.

From cabinets to refrigerators to washers and dryers, ReStore and the Black Hills Habitat for Humanity is urging everyone to donate those items they don’t use anymore.

“The biggest benefit of shopping at ReStore is that they are going to save money for what it would cost them brand new. Our appliances, we actually issue a 30 day warranty with them also so they can have peace of mind that it will work. We test them. We don’t want people to go home with an ill feeling of is this going to work or not,” Dallas Dalin, ReStore Manager, said.

Finding affordable housing is an issue everywhere, including Western South Dakota.

“The thing that many homeowners are facing right now is there is a gap of about 100 to 150-thousand dollars between what people can afford and the homes that are on the market. Homes are selling 300 to 350-thousand dollars and many families are earning funds that can only afford 150, 175-thousand so that gap is where we really have a major problem,” Scott Engmann, Exec. Dir. of Black Hills Habitat for Humanity, said.

When you donate these household items to ReStore, the crew will repurpose it and resell it at a much lower price.

“We are some place that number one, we like to keep things out of the landfill. Number two, we like to have things that will be affordable for someone that may not be able to pay full retail and then number three, our funds go to building the homes,” Dalin said.

By donating those items in your house that you don’t use anymore, you could help someone furnish their new home.

Next week, the Rapid City Landfill is waiving fees for Earth week. The Habitat for Humanity urges everyone to stop by ReStore before throwing items away that can be reused. There is also a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Sioux Falls.