HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) – Buildings get torn down all the time, but it’s not every day that almost every single piece of material is salvaged and repurposed. That’s what is happening to a former cabinetry building just outside of Harrisburg.

Noteboom RV in Harrisburg bought this building five years ago. Realizing they wanted more space for camper parking, they decided to tear it down — but they didn’t want to just send all the material to a landfill.

“We believe in recycling big time here and it’s an over 13,00 square foot property. Big building, lots of salvageable parts. We posted on Facebook and we found a guy out of Wisconsin that’s interested in the building and he’s been at work for three weeks here,” Chas Zech with Noteboom RV said.

From the rafters all the way down to the studs, this entire building is being taken down and repurposed. The three-person family crew will take the material back to Wisconsin for building projects out there.

“When we took this deal from him, we really didn’t know for sure, you know, how much of it he was going to take and what not, but yeah, he sucked out all the insulation out of the ceiling, is going to reuse that,” Zech said.

Once it’s all torn down, Noteboom RV will use the space to add 50 more campers to their lot.

“Little bit of the building to come down yet, some more rafters and stuff, some inside tin in the ceiling and hopefully then, yeah, they’ll be done by Monday. We got grading starting already next week to get ready for the blacktop coming in,” Zech said.

Making way for more room for happy campers to shop.

The family crew from Wisconsin consists of three generations – grandpa, father and son.