SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls elementary school is getting creative regarding a yearly fundraiser. The staff at Laura B. Anderson is using social media to fund a program to keep kids in school. Sioux Falls has two dozen elementary schools spread out in various neighborhoods all over the city.

Some of the schools are located in affluent neighborhoods, which can be an advantage when raising funds. Laura B. Anderson is not one of them. Because of that, the staff felt they had to do something different. So they are turning to social media to stretch their reach beyond the neighborhood.

“What is something you would like to have at LBA that would motivate you to come to school every single day,” LBA teacher Eduardo Mendoza asked a group of students.

With the help of those five students, Mendoza is teaming up with fellow teacher and social media influencer, Gabe Dannenbring, to create content for Facebook and Instagram. Dannenbring teaches at Ben Reifel Middle School and has about two million social media followers on different platforms.

“As a teacher, I love education, and as someone who has a lot of experience in social media, all of a sudden, those two worlds came together, so I thought absolutely I would love to come here and make some fun and engaging content so we can drive up some donations for the fundraiser,” said Dannenbring.

The goal is to raise money and create programs to increase attendance rates and to let the kids know people care.

“These people want you to be successful. These people notice that we exist, that you exist, and we want to spread our mission as much as we can to make our kids know that there are people who believe in them,” said Mendoza.

Check out the “I choose LBA” Facebook page. People can donate a set amount or a certain amount for every lap a student runs.

The Fun Run is May 16th.