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Fireworks shoppers are having a whole lot of fun picking up some last minute items at local shops. A unique partnership between Pyro City and Flyboy Donuts is making the event even more family-friendly. 

The rush is on to nab some “sweet” deals with hours to go before the Fourth of July. 

“Oh I got some sparklers for my daughter and some smoke balls and some big things that go way up in the air. All kinds of stuff,” Mary Hallickson said. 

Hallickson is also grabbing some sweets for herself. That’s because Flyboy Donuts is setting up shop Tuesday and Wednesday next to Pyro City in Tea hoping to fire up some sales.  

Once shoppers pick up their cakes inside, they head outdoors for some patriotic pastries. 

“Yeah the kids want donuts. Grandpa takes them out once in a while so they got to have fun,” Stan Oltmanns said. 

Oltmanns and his grandkids are adding some glaze to their annual celebration. 

“We do it every year. I’m a Veteran and it means a lot to me. They go a long with me,” Oltmanns said. 

Matt Holsen: Do those two mix pretty well?

Flyboy owner Ben Duenwald: I think they do. Explosive flavors I guess.

Duenwald says business at his mobile shop is taking off like a rocket. While he hopes his customers are eating his donuts, he knows a few might take some firecrackers to the rings of dough. 

Matt Holsen: Have you ever blown up a donut?

Duenwald: No I haven’t. Thinking about it now though. 

All jokes aside, Duenwald just hopes everyone has a safe and happy holiday.  

“It’s always a fun time to get together with family. It’s Independence Day. So you’re free to do what you want on that day,” Duenwald said. 

Flyboy will be at Pyro City again on the Fourth of July starting at 9 a.m. until it sells out of donuts. 

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