BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) — One of summer’s tastiest treats is now available.

The crew at Cherry Rock Farms spends hours every morning picking sweet corn.

“We went through close to 100-dozen yesterday and we’re planning for another big day today,” Cherry Rock Farms Owner Laura Patzer said.

Laura Patzer owns Cherry Rock Farms and says the popularity of sweet corn is tied to the calendar.

“South Dakota summers don’t last long so it’s kind of a true staple to every family meal. You grab some fresh sweet corn, boil it up and it’s a crowd pleaser for anyone,” Patzer said.

“My sweet corn patch did not make it this year, which is embarrassing as a farmer to say, but honestly it just didn’t make it,” Valley Springs farmer Mike Vis said.

Mike Vis farms near Valley Springs and has a good idea why his sweet corn crop failed.

“I planted it in a bad spot and we were short of rains earlier this spring and it just didn’t make it,” Vis said.

Patzer says their corn looks great, but they’ve been dealing with adversity of their own since early in the growing season.

“It’s been kind of just a wild year. It was colder longer and then we got hit with a couple of storms and we haven’t had any nice rains,” Patzer said.

“I just know it’s good tasting here, so that’s why I always come back,” Brandon resident Megan Bassett said.

Megan Bassett makes the short trip from Brandon and is a regular during sweet corn season.

“I love sweet corn, so usually we’ll come buy a few dozen and we’ll freeze it so that way we can have it in the winter time, but this fresh stuff we’ll come back as long as they have it, once a week, and come grab some for our family,” Bassett said.

And she’s not alone.

“I’ll be here probably quite a bit for sweet corn, and hopefully they have enough that we can buy enough to freeze some and can some,” Vis said.

Cherry Rock Farms plants sweet corn every ten days during the spring and early summer, and if the weather cooperates, will have corn available until October.