SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — While parents look at spending big bucks on back-to-school supplies, a program run by Volunteers of America wants to get supplies to families for free. But VOA says it needs to get the attention of other non-profits, including schools and churches.

We first told you about VOA’s new program Greater Goods back in March.

It provides overstocked merchandise, much of it donated from places like Walmart and Amazon to area non-profits at a highly reduced cost. This warehouse north of Sioux Falls has everything from toys to bikes to office equipment.

And they also have tons of school supplies. Any non-profit, from teachers to churches to large organizations, can become members. They can then pick up supplies for a small fee, usually pennies on the dollar.

“We really want all the churches in the area to know about us if they are thinking about having a school supply drive for their members, they could come out here and spend 150 dollars for a membership they would get that back in credit immediately, and we have pallets and pallets of binders and notebooks and pencils and folders so they could get two pallets of these supplies for just a 150 dollars,” said Kari Johnson.

Sarah Hanson, Greater Goods Managing Director, says they want to get the word out because part of their mission is to help those who help others.

“They (the school supplies) are not doing us any good, they are not doing the community any good just sitting here, so we really want them to be in the hands of people that need them and can use them,” said Hanson.

The warehouse only has so much room, and they know once the school year is underway, leftover supplies will once again begin arriving from their suppliers.

“It feels incredible knowing these products these products are getting in the hands of people who need them that’s why we did this,” said Hanson.

The program is less than a year old, they hope as more non-profits and people help others find out about Greater Goods, they will take advantage of this new resource.

You can find more information on a Greater Goods membership here.