SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It took surgery to remove a bottle top caught in a macaque’s cheek, the Great Plains Zoo said on Monday.

The zoo said in a social media post that Kai, a Japanese macaque, had picked up a bottle top that had been tossed into the snow monkey exhibit. Kai tucked into his cheek pouch. The bottle cap eventually wore its way through Kai’s cheek.

A macaque is described as an old world monkey with a long face and cheek pouches for holding food.

“Despite the careful, meticulous work of our veterinary team, he will bear the scars of this experience,” the zoo said in a social media post.

  • Kai, the Japanese macaque, had surgery
  • Kai in surgery
  • Bottle cap removed from animal at Great Plains Zoo

The zoo stressed that if someone drops an item in an exhibit by mistake, they should immediately tell a zoo employee.

Objects placed in exhibits are chosen with species-specific requirments.

It’s never OK to throw objects into an exhibit, the zoo said.