SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — We are just hours away from officially turning the page on the carefree days of summer. Fall begins at 1:50 a.m. Saturday. People in Sioux Falls have mixed feelings about the change of seasons.

Visitors to Falls Park offered a blunt assessment of the summer of 2023.

“Hot. Sticky. Kind of gross,” Megan Figueroa of Sioux Falls said.

Megan Figueroa can’t wait to leave summer in the dust.

Summertime is just this weird moment of you’re trying to get out of your house. We’re in a drought, you kind of have to watch your water usage,” Figueroa said.

This final day of summer offers a chance for people to get outside and stretch their legs after being kept indoors by the heat.

“The humidity was hot enough. We didn’t go out and do a whole lot or do anything outside, just too hot to do anything,” Josh Housman of Marion, KS said.

Wardrobes ranging from shorts and tee-shirts to light jackets and sweatshirts are fashionable indicators of the change in seasons.

“I’m ready for the transition. Ready for the fall, and also, I love ice fishing,” Maxon Keating of Sioux Falls said.

For some people here at Falls Park, summer still had a way of zipping by, in spite of the hot weather.

“Because we go back to school first of August and so it’s like, wow, man! And a lot of places don’t go back until September,” Nathan Abbott of Nashville, TN said.

Some people are already into a fall mindset.

“Hunting season is starting up. That and being outside a little more, it’s cooler,” Housman said.

Still, many people are reluctant to say goodbye to summer.

“I’m going to miss just being able to travel a lot and seeing friends,” 13-year-old Sophie Abbott said.

They’ll miss the summer sightseeing and the family gatherings. But they can certainly do without the record heat.

“Good riddance, summer of 2023,” Figueroa said.